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How do you know how much my junk car is worth? has been in business for a long time, and we know the salvage industry in and out. We have an extensive network of industry specialists that we work with to make sure that we can estimate the true market value of each and every car or truck we inspect for purchase.

That’s how we can guarantee you more money for your vehicle than any other competitor in the area.

My car doesn’t even start, or run. Will you still pay me money for it?

You bet! There is hidden value in almost any junk car and our purchasing specialists know just how to uncover its true potential. Even if your automobile will no longer start, there may still be value in the individual parts.

We will assess that value for you and make a payment based on those findings. Even if your car is a complete wreck with no part value we still have other options at our disposal that could net you a bit of money. After that, we’ll even haul your dead ride away at no additional cost to you.

What makes and models do you purchase?

We buy any and all vehicles regardless of age, make, or model. No matter how deteriorated, weather-beaten, or dilapidated a car or truck may be, we will find it’s fair market value and pass that on to you.

Do I need to have a title for my car?

Demonstrate that you've had the owner of the vehicle sign off on any claims and show us that you have the necessary permission from the current owner to dispose of the vehicle. Call us if you have any questions...

How soon will I receive my payment?

That’s the beauty of, when you call us we will arrive to wherever your vehicle is located and assess its value. Once a sum has been agreed upon, in most cases we pay you in cash the very same day. No hassles and super easy!

What if I can’t be there when the tower arrives?

No problem! As long as all of the required paper work is present with the vehicle and we can gain entry, will handle everything from there, and other arrangements can be made to get you your payment quickly.

What if I have more than one car or truck to sell?

That great! The more the merrier! If you have one, two, or even a fleet of vehicles you would like us to take a look at just let us know when you contact us and we’ll get the process started. We are perfectly able to haul away as many cars as you need removed!

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