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About Us

If you need to sell your junk car fast, wants to talk to you. We’re a family run business and have been buying wrecked and salvaged vehicles for over a decade. We buy junk cars, trucks, semi-tractor and trailers and even heavy equipment. If it ran at one time or another, we will buy it.

Maybe you have an old junker that’s been hanging out in the garage for a few too many years, or maybe you have a car that was recently wrecked, regardless of the reason we want to buy your junk car!

We don’t care if it is up on blocks, missing a motor, or piled up in a corner with five other vehicles if you need it gone we want to buy it!

We proudly support Green practices for a healthier planet and make sure that we do our best to repurpose every possible part of the vehicles we purchase. All fluids and other hazardous materials are removed and properly disposed of when a car is parted out.

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